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Excellent instructors who are experts in their field and able to summarize complicated topics.

Touch pad technology and MCQs made it interactive and provided excellent practise for our exam.

Short presentations with summary of key points which were useful, concise and comprehensive.

Exceptionally well organized, ran on time!

Real life practise and feedback of OSCE & written exams were invaluable!

Identified my weaknesses and knowledge gaps; excellent for self-evaluation!

Excellent review of all topics, I really enjoyed the combination of lectures, Clinical Communications Scenarios (OSCE stations), Short Answer Questions and Multiple Choice Questions!

Visual stimulation; multi-dimensional and offers many ways to learn as the program included didactic presentations, Clinical Communication Scenarios (OSCE), Photo Recognition & Short Answer Quiz Sessions.

High yield details and reassuring wakeup call; it decreased anxiety and normalized the "exam experience" with good focus on Canadian guidelines.

Exam focused, excellent prep, individual marking for each section is very beneficial.

Excellent presenters, concise, relevant material, well organized and good breadth of topics.

Photo Recognition & Short Answers Sessions had lots of practise questions that were challenging and very interactive.